Seeking for Thermoset Plastic Molding Services

If you are creating plastic products, you must be seeking for thermoset plastic molding services. You surely want to meet the demands and instructions of all your clients. It can only happen once you get the perfect mold in all the plastic products that they want to order from you. With Cuyahoga Plastics, everything is possible. You must visit their official website to know the things that you can generate from them. As thermoset plastic molding company  that has been doing thermoset plastic molding for decades, they can surely assure you they can mold any brand or type of thermoset molding material.

If you want to know the process of their molding services, you better read from the actual site. You must have thought about their injection presses. Those things must have been equipped to handle not only the dough type materials but also the granular ones. If you also check the molding plant, you will even find 52 presses there. Those presses come in various sizes. If you have seen those 50 tons clamp, think of other large size platens. Others must even show you 500 tons clamp capacity. If you plan in creating the products, the company will connect with you starting in the idea stage.

Since the company desires for perfection, they will carry the idea on through tool designing and procurement. You will be surprised that the ideas become a reality as they proceed to the final production mode. If you ask them about insert molding, they will surely tell you how they do it. You will also appreciate them because they will tell you certain types of materials they mold. Those include DAP’s, ureas, melamines, silicones, sheet molding compounds, epoxies, reinforced thermoset polyesters, and phenolics. As to the processes, they will surely conduct injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding.

If you need to know the features of the tools, you will also find them at the website. You will surely be informed about the things you can find in compression molding tool, transfer molding tool, and injection molding tool. Aside from that, you will also know about compression molding parameters. When it comes to compression molding parameters, the mold temperature given is 305 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. When it comes to cavity pressure, they will assure you of having 1000 to 2000 PSI. Transfer molding parameters and injection molding parameters also differ in terms of requirements.

If you have decided to avail their services, you may visit their office in Babbit Road. The exact address or location is shared at the website. However, if you want to call them through their hotlines, you may do so through toll free and phone. For sure, their agents are very willing to facilitate your conversation. You can even send them your inquiries through FAX. If you also like to get additional updates from them, you better send them an electronic mail. Just ask them important questions and they will surely answer them promptly. Truly, you will get the finest services from a reliable company.

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